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Hope Valley Residence - Asian Fusion

The main idea in this Asian Fusion Landscape is Zen.  So we were truly creating a space that one can come to and relax.  When you walk through the gardens, that is how you feel – serene, tranquil, and calm. You can just take one breath, and your troubles fall away. “The traditional Asian garden is a setting full of vibrant color, contrast, and a balance between various elements of nature.” – That is what we created.

Tree and Shrubs: Japanese Black Pine Topiary, Thunderhead Black Pine, Angel Falls Weeping White Pine, Rainbow Lecothoe; Yoshino Cherry; Variegated Confederate Jasmine; Snowball Hydrangea; Azaleas; Camellias; Gardenias; and Japanese Maples.

Perrenials: Ferns: Tassel, Autumn Brilliance, Japanese Painted, Christmas, and Holly; Coral Bell Varieties: Peach Flambe, Fire Alarm, Electra, Amethyst Myst; Astilbe Varieties; Hosta Varieties; Acorus and Dwarf Acorus; Mondo Grass; and Hellebore Varieties.

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