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Pool & Patio Installation


Benefits of Installing a Pool

A pool offers more than just a place to cool off and swim. Pool and outdoor living installation leads to more social interaction, years of use, and several other perks.

Fun for All

For starters, a pool is a great form of entertainment for everyone. Instead of your family going to visit someone      else, all of your friends and family will come to you! It serves as a safe and fun environment for kids to play in.  It can also be a place for you to unwind on your own. Everyone will appreciate being able to take a dip.

Financial Perks

There are also financial benefits to having a pool in your yard. Pool installation increases the value of your home by an estimated 15%, when combined with an outdoor living space. You will attract more buyers and higher offers upon installing a space beyond the confines of your walls. In addition, creating your outdoor oasis will save you money, if you take less tropical trips.

It’s Never Been Easier to Swim

A pool is a convenient way to do more swimming, which is excellent for your health. Swimming not only burns calories, but it also offers great resistance training for several muscle groups. You can get in your water aerobics without leaving your property!  You’ll no longer have to commute to a local public pool when you’re only a few footsteps away from your own private retreat.

All-Purpose Landscaping and Hardscaping

Old North State specializes in turn-key projects from inception to it's completion. That means you won’t have to deal with the expense and nuisance of hiring multiple companies for different features and phases. Once we determine a plan, our designers and sales managers will communicate regularly with you to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

If you’re ready to make your vision a reality, contact us today to get started on created your home outdoor living space!

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