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Mountain Magic
This mountain lodge–style home needed a matching landscape that highlighted its beautiful architectural features. The homeowners tasked us with creating a natural-looking alpine escape that extended fluidly into its North Carolina wooded setting. To accomplish this goal, we relied on hardscaping, boulders, regional softscaping, and the addition of a lakeside-lodge cabana to play the stars of the show.
The Old North State Landscape team began by designing a natural-looking hillside at the far end of the seventy-foot beach-entry pool. We then nestled in a small grotto built of large earth stones and stacked boulders to resemble a lake setting. Rough-cut stone slabs serve as steps on the grotto hill, surrounded by other boulders and stones that help integrate the Dolphin Waterslide into the rocky setting. Weeping bald cypress, Japanese maples, and other native plantings help pull the entire look together.

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