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Professional Hardscape Installation

Look no further than Old North State for hardscape installation in Raleigh, NC. We can install a wide variety of beautiful items, such as pool and wood decks and patios. Hardscaping can not only increase your curb appeal but provide you with a wow factor, and help take back your property to reclaim the outdoors again.


Every hardscape application not only serves a functional purpose, but also provides benefits such as:





Patios can serve as the perfect outdoor gathering place for friends and family. There are a multitude of design possibilities and styles when it comes to patios. Patios can accompany fireplaces, firepits, pools, outdoor kitchens, and more.





Driveway renovations can turn your curb appeal from outdated and drab, into a high-quality and beautiful part of your home. This allows you to eliminate cracks, holes, or any other damage present on your driveway, by investing in an interlocking concrete paver system or high-quality stone. Not to mention, a driveway that has new concrete with the addition of stone or concrete pavers comes with an unbeatable aesthetic.





Adding walls to your home gives your yard a strong appearance. Retaining walls require little maintenance and also provide the perfect opportunity to stop any water that has been coming towards your house and pipe it away. Walls come in all shapes and sizes: From seat walls, to retaining walls, to accent walls; we do it all.





Well-designed walkways make your outdoor space more navigable and enjoyable for your guests. They create an inviting appearance and connect your guests to the rest of your yard.


When purchasing a home, many buyers look for hardscaped features such as outdoor patios. These features are functional, and they also add a unique appearance to your home. Between the boost in curb appeal, the functional benefits, and the striking appearance hardscaping affords, it’s no wonder that an outdoor living space is so sought-after. Many of our clients have moved after we have completed a landscape project for them. Their houses sold very quickly because when the new homeowner walked into the backyard they were “WOWED.” Outdoor living is so vital to so many people and families in today’s everyday life, who wouldn’t want that?


Committed to Our Customers


At Old North State, we’re with you throughout every step of the design, planning, pool installation, outdoor structure installation, hardscape installation, and landscape installation process. Our designers will talk to you to better understand your expectations and to provide an estimate and design (at a fee). Once the plan is set, our designers will continue communicating with you regularly and, of course, treat your property like it’s their own.


Contact Old North State today to transform your home.