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The Healing Garden

The formal gardens are divided into distinct spaces and surround the entire house. Lush and evocative plants brimming with color, texture, and aroma grow year round, creating a natural harmony that frames the house and shapes the property. Evergreen spiral topiaries and boxwoods, as well as thirty foot magnolias and American hollies were planted around the perimeter to discourage conversations over the back fence. There is stonework everywhere, including the front foundation of the house. This repetition of materials provided continuity from space to space, and carefully placed tiered stone steps defined the different areas. Various art elements throughout the gardens gave an additional depth.The trans-formative power of beauty is that it heals. And every garden, large or small, can have an emotional impact with a specific narrative. For the homeowner, this is an everlasting garden. And while its aesthetic charm is obvious, it’s much more. It’s a healing garden.

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