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How To Prep Your Yard for the Winter

How To Prep Your Yard for the Winter

You may be thinking about how to prepare yourself for the holidays and long winter ahead. As a homeowner now is the perfect time to be thinking about how you should prepare your yard for the coldest season of the year. Winter can wreak havoc on the beautiful lawn you have cared so diligently for over the warmer months.

Taking time to go through the proper channels and lawn care steps for your yard before winter hits will make the utmost difference when spring comes again. Here are the basics on how to prep your yard for the winter and the long nap your lawn plans to take over the next couple of months.

Aerate Your Grass

Preparation for winter best begins in autumn. After the last leaves of the season have fallen down, the yard needs to be cleared and given one last cut if necessary. Aeration can then begin.

Lawns aerated at least once a year are healthier. Aeration gives the grass a breather over the winter season. Using a tool such as a shade to spike the soil provides the lawn with a little extra air and room for seeds to sprout.

Seed the Lawn

Now is prime time to give your lawn a special autumnal feed. Let’s call it a hearty Thanksgiving meal rather than how to prep your yard for the winter. Provide your lawn with food to strengthen its roots and it will be thankful. A good seed will resist insects, drought, and disease to help your lawn not only survive, but thrive. Sustain growth by watering until the ground begins to freeze.

Don’t Forget To Fertilize

Depending on the climate, apply fertilizer before winter’s first frosts. Fertilizer doesn’t promote autumnal growth, but stores nourishment during hibernation. A lawn typically won’t utilize fertilizer when it’s dormant over the winter, but as soon as the weather begins warming up again, it knows exactly what to do. Nutrients will be drawn from the fertilizer for a lush lawn come springtime.

Other Winterizing Tips

Preventative measures will keep possible winter damage to a minimum. A few other key giveaways are to clear your lawn of any objects, be cautious of potential snow and salt damage, and maintain compost and weed control.

If you seek assistance from an outside source for your lawn care, there are landscaping companies ready and able to help you care for your beloved outdoor space. Old North State Landscape Development located in Durham, NC, has a professional crew to assist with yard maintenance throughout the year. Such yard care services can identify your yard’s needs to keep it happy and healthy. Keep your yard in good hands to survive the colder months ahead and welcome back the green come spring.

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