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The Disadvantages of DIY Landscaping

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Disadvantages of DIY Landscaping

An attractive and functional outdoor space is absolutely essential to every home. The space and ability to spend time outside have positive effects on health and happiness—not to mention the positive effects it has on property value and curb appeal! With so many benefits to a serene landscape, it may cross your mind to do it yourself. Before you embark on this difficult DIY journey, discover the disadvantages of DIY landscaping.

Plant Knowledge Gaps

Even garden connoisseurs may struggle with picking plants that not only thrive in their location and environment but also compliment the style and appearance of their home. Plant selection is crucial to a landscape design. It’s hard to identify and care for plants in the exact right manner to allow them to flourish. It’s also important to have a vast knowledge of native plants, invasive species, and more to choose the right plants and the best location for them to reside. There are so many options for plants that the research can be overwhelming. A professional local landscape developer will have this vast knowledge and be better able to inform the plants that would not only thrive but also look amazing on your property.

Time Investment

Planning out a landscape design may be a fun activity. It’s exciting to pick where your garden will be and what plants will line your patio, but it’s also a huge time commitment. Whether you’re starting from a blank slate or completely redoing the existing landscape design, it can take years for DIYers to complete an outdoor landscape renovation. It takes time for a team of landscaping professionals to complete projects, so imagine how long it will take one or two committed DIYers. This means a long period without being able to enjoy your outdoor space as you work through the growing pains of planting.

The Trouble of Fixing Mistakes

A beginning landscape designer is bound to make mistakes. These mistakes can range from planting a non-native plant garden that dies shortly after planting to biting off more than they can chew and needing an entire redo of the outdoor space. Landscape design—especially larger projects—are more difficult than many anticipate. This is particularly true if the DIYers don’t have much (or any) landscaping experience.

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