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A Guide to Preparing Your Yard for Landscaping

A Guide to Preparing Your Yard for Landscaping

As the weather warms up, most homeowners start to think about the time they’ll soon spend outdoors. Outdoor space in a home is crucial to curb appeal and usability. Many people choose to take advantage of the warming weather and hire professional landscapers to overhaul their yards and prepare them for the extra use they’re about to endure. Once you’ve decided you want to hire professional landscape developers, you’ll need to consider completing a few steps prior to their first visit. Check out this guide to preparing your yard for landscaping.

Gather a vision

The first way you need to prepare your yard for landscaping is by observing it and understanding the space you have to work with. No matter the size, all yards have the potential to become immaculate outdoor sanctuaries. After you examine your current space, look up examples of yards in your general region or climate to get an idea of what types of yards you’re drawn to. Pick out main features that each of your favorite examples have in common, and talk to your chosen landscape development company about emulating them.

Once you’ve developed a vision of your ideal yard, decide if it will require a full overhaul or just simple maintenance. Many homeowners choose to invest in an entirely new landscape and to keep investing in it with regular maintenance.

Decide on priorities

With a vision of the perfect attainable yard in mind, decide on your top priorities and on what is ideal but not a necessity. For example, maybe you absolutely need a garden bed and a shady tree, but you might be willing to forgo some shrubs lining your patio. Write a list of the most important things and communicate these to your landscapers so that they can keep your priorities and vision in mind as they work to make your dream yard a reality. This will be helpful when the landscaping company begins to search for the perfect plants for your yard, as they’ll know exactly what you prefer.

When you hire a professional landscaper to bring your dream yard to life, the only real preparation work you need to do to get ready is to decide what you want and need in your yard. The right landscaping developers should take care of the rest. When you’re looking for landscaping companies in Durham, NC, look no further than Old North State Landscape Development.

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