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Advantages of Landscaping Your Property

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Advantages of Landscaping Your Property

Many people focus on improving the interior of their homes, but the exterior is just as important. Landscaping your property holds a slew of benefits for you, your home, and even your wallet. Check out this guide to the main advantages of landscaping your property.

Improves your quality of life

Landscaping your property can actually improve your quality of life. For the human members of your household, even so much as looking at plants for a certain amount of time is known to reduce blood pressure. Spending time outdoors is also known to improve physical and mental health by lowering your risk for depression and increasing your overall bodily health. For the furry members of your household, such as a dog or a venturing cat, better landscaping can mean a safer outdoor area, leading to increased time spent outdoor and more ways to expend energy—leading to a healthier and happier pet.

Good for the environment

Adding plant life and vegetation to your outdoor area is good for the environment. Grass and trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, making the air cleaner and more breathable. Trees and plants also produce oxygen, improving the air quality even more. Landscape additions are even more beneficial in cities, where pollution levels are typically higher than in the countryside or in suburban areas. Landscaping is one of the best natural ways to make sure you and your family can breathe easy at home—no matter where you’re located.

Increases curb appeal

Your home will look more well-groomed and lived-in with updated landscaping. Homes with well-kept landscaping look more expensive, so they in turn become more expensive. The improved curb appeal increases the value of your home by making the house more attractive to potential buyers when the time comes to sell, making sure you get the maximum return on investment. A well=landscaped home is also more inviting, and it can make coming home feel like a relief instead of a chore.

If you’re ready to start reaping the advantages of landscaping your property, Old North State Landscape Development can get you started. We handle a wide range of landscaping in Durham, NC, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information, quotes, and design tips.

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"This article clearly outlines the numerous benefits of landscaping, from improving curb appeal to boosting your home's value.  The mention of increased property value is particularly interesting, especially for homeowners considering future resale.

For someone who might be interested in DIY landscaping but is a complete beginner,  does Old North State Landscape offer any resources or consultations to help with initial planning and plant selection?  A little expert guidance can go a long way for those starting out. Thanks for the informative post!

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19 nov 2020

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