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How to Maximize Backyard Privacy

Having a beautiful backyard is one thing; enjoying that space is a whole other thing. In your own backyard, it’s normal to want to feel a sense of privacy. Being able to relax and enjoy the space is why you have it. Maximize your backyard’s privacy with these helpful tips.

An upscale take on a traditional fence

The traditional wooden fence that surrounds so many suburban homes is well-known and effective at keeping yards feeling private and homey. The downside of these is they can feel informal or even take away from your yard’s aesthetic. Vamp up the traditional fence with some of these ideas:

  • Grow vines over the wooden fence for an earthy feel

  • Plant shrubs or tall plants behind the fence for extra privacy and style

  • Create a vertical garden to hang on your fence (succulents are great for this)

Low maintenance and stylish built-ins

Have your walls hardscaped! Build-in walls that compliment your patio or path materials will maintain your style and provide unbeatable privacy. Walls are completely customizable and can be taller or shorter depending on your desired privacy level. If you have or are looking into getting a pool, a strategically placed pool house also creates subtle privacy without an unsightly fence. Here are some ideas for built-ins:

  • Pool house

  • Shed

  • Décor walls

  • Gazebo

  • Pergola

Tip: Invest in a fountain. Fountains make soothing sounds to help drown out neighborhood noise and make your yard feel more secluded and private.

Unique living divisions

There are entirely natural ways to block neighbor’s out. Plant shrubs or trees to shield your backyard from sight. Trellises with vines or clematis can provide privacy and style to your space as well. Here are some unique plants to use as a natural fence:

  • Iceberg climbing roses

  • Cherry laurel

  • Boxwood

  • Fan palms

  • Lupine

To protect the privacy of your designer landscapes in Durham, NC, look into our custom services.

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