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Landscaping Design Considerations

Landscaping Design Considerations

When you’re considering upgrading your landscaping, take a few things into consideration. Following this guide of landscaping design considerations will help you design the best landscape for your home. Let us will walk you through the basic decisions you’ll need to make for your outdoor space.

What kind of spaces you need

Before deciding on a landscaping plan, decide what kind of spaces you need. If you have children, you may need a play area in your outdoor space. If you enjoy hosting gatherings, you may need an outdoor bar and living area with plenty of seating. If you’re a master chef, an outdoor kitchen might be the right option for you. Consider also the dimensions of your yard and where your desired spaces might look best.

How much privacy you need

Deciding how much privacy you need depends on your personal preference and your location. If you’re in an urban area with a lot of close neighbors, you may want to consider a natural fence of bushes and trees to add a layer of privacy to your home’s outdoor space. If you’re in a less populated area when neighbors are few and far between, you may prefer a more open-concept outdoor space.

Ratio of hardscaping to landscaping

Decide what kind of balance you want between your hardscaping and your landscaping. Landscaping is essential to break up the industrial feel and make your outdoor space feel natural, while hardscaping makes the space versatile and usable. Decide what kind of balance you want and what types of plants and other horticulture elements are priorities for you.

Decide what your “must haves” are

Everybody has different priorities when it comes to an outdoor space. Decide what your most important outdoor activities are at home. For some people, a garden and a pool are at the top of the list, while cooks and foodies might prefer an outdoor kitchen and parents might desire a play area for children. All these elements are great additions for their usability and how much they will raise your property value, but only you can decide which are the most important to include in your landscaping design.

Creating an ideal landscape for your home is made possible by hiring a team of professionals to guide you every step of the way and make your vision a reality. Old North State Landscape Development can help you build designer landscapes in Durham, NC, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to turn your yard into a beautiful space.

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